Casey Smith
Casey Smith, PharmD, RPh

Clinical Operations Director

As the Pharmacist in Charge in Tucson, Casey manages overall operational effectiveness and regulatory compliance in the pharmacy. He monitors facility and community sites, provides support to current programs, identifies improvements to workflow processes and provides leadership and guidance to the staff.

Shanika Serial
Shanika Serial, DBH, MBA, BBA

Director of Finance & Administration

Shanika oversees the Finance Department in Tucson. Her expertise in business development and financial management ensures operational efficiency. She is focused on quality improvement, accuracy and mitigating risks while driving ROI. She is a hands-on collaborative leader focused on developing the team to support fiscal success.

Adriana Moreno, LPN

Marketing Director

Adriana’s experience in the long-term care industry provides her with the skills to partner with local communities to ensure an excellent caregiver experience. Her expertise in understanding the needs of the patient allows her to create and develop innovative ways to provide customer education.

Mariah Melendez
Mariah Melendez, LPN

Nurse Account Manager

Mariah is compassionate and patient-focused on providing excellent customer service to our communities. She understands the challenges faced by caregivers. Her assisted living experience provides her with the skills to cultivate relationships with community staff effectively resolving issues quickly.

Laura Noperi, CPhT

Customer Liaison

Laura’s experience and compassion help her connect with caregivers and residents on a personal level to provide world-class service to our communities. A patient advocate, she is an expert at recognizing potential issues, communicating appropriate resolutions and understanding the direct impact on our communities.

John Saliba, RPh


John founded Saliba’s Extended Care Pharmacy in 1999 to serve the needs of assisted living facilities, adult care homes, and skilled nursing facilities throughout the state of Arizona. John is an accomplished and respected pharmacy leader and has built a solid reputation in the long-term care industry.

Rick England, PharmD, RPh

Clinical Operations Director

Rick is the Pharmacist in Charge and ensures pharmacy compliance aligned with regulatory standards. He provides education and services to our local communities utilizing a local, methodical approach to independently solving problems, develop solutions and provide recommendations.

Jennifer Nabors, CPhT

Director of Operations

Jennifer has a long history with the pharmacy and has held many roles. She is a member of our senior leadership team overseeing Fulfillment, Delivery, and Purchasing. Jennifer takes pride in ensuring individual and work group/team tasks are completed accurately and efficiently according to government regulations.

Debbie Harris, MBA, B.Acy

Director of Finance & Administration

Debbie oversees the Finance and Billing department and is a participative manager leading and developing the internal team. She specializes in relationship building with our communities and excels at prioritizing, negotiating and working with a variety of internal and external stakeholders.

Stacey Williams, BBA

Operational Controller

Stacey is a key member of the senior leadership team and manages the financial data and reporting. She is essential in driving the pharmacy’s annual strategic planning process, ensuring results are effective and timely while providing complex analysis of the business.